Welcome to the 1st blog ever by Dirt Cheap Christian Wear.   This is going to be the 1st blog in about a series of 100, documenting the creation of Dirt Cheap Christian Wear, the numerous decisions and mistakes that were made, plans for the future and the difficulties involved in running a Christian t-shirt company. 
With a friend who owned a struggling screen printing company and another friend who is the National Sales Manager for one of the largest, publicly traded t-shirt companies, and with Wanda and I selling our previous company of many years, we were looking for a business where we could utilize all of these ingredients and formulate a new company that would be both profitable and at the same time, be a benefit to the community.   
After months of study, we determined that there were a lot of people in the Christian t-shirt community doing basically the same thing.  Selling Christian t-shirts at retail pricing with essentially no one offering a true Wholesale Christian t-shirt.  We devised our model to make our t-shirts affordable to everyone at a wholesale price.  Our line of Christian t-shirts are 1st quality, direct screenprinted on 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, well known brand t-shirts such as Delta Apparel and Gildan. 
We set out initially to get 60 Christian t-shirt designs made with multiple colors, sizes and styles.  We did a lot of things right in this process and we made quite a few mistakes along the way.  This blog will take you step by step into the vision, creation and on-going operation of Dirt Cheap Christian Wear, the world's most affordable Christian t-shirts.


Shirley Smith

Date 2/6/2013

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